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Body Bites With Bec

#126: 4 Tips To Beat The Binge Eating Patterns!

Body Bites With Bec
Body Bites With Bec

Binge eating is something that so many women (including myself in the past) battle with. It can make it really hard to find balance and lose weight sustainably when it becomes a regular pattern. In this episode, I want to share 4 of my best tips and words of wisdom to help you if you are someone that regularly finds yourself binging on foods when you really know that you don't want to. I hope it helps you!

Disclaimer: Please listen to this with a grain of salt. If you have ongoing binge eating issues that are affecting your life, please consult and work with a licensed professional to help you. This episode is for informational purposes only and is drawn from my personal experiences and experience working with thousands of women for 7 years. However, I am not qualified to talk about this subject.

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