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Body Bites With Bec

#127: Busy mum loses 9 kgs after trying it all & keeps it off, 6 months on, after finding food freedom with the 80/20 life!

Body Bites With Bec
Body Bites With Bec

Before Karen began her journey with me, she was suffering with unexplained bloating and that dreaded 3 pm slump with no energy in the afternoons. She kept trying other diets and ways to lose weight but nothing worked. She would lose a kilo, then gain it back and the cycle kept repeating.

After the 3 Week Body Reset, she lost 4 kgs, her bloating disappeared and her energy was regained. She also lost all of her cravings and hunger!

Now, 6 months on, she has lost 9 and has developed an entire new lifestyle with far more energy and confidence with my approach. She’s also leant how to eat with balance and find food freedom to whilst she travels!

In this episode, she has SO much to share with you about how she did it to inspire you.

We spoke about:

  • How she felt before joining and what her breaking point was to sign up

  • The importance of setting the right priorities

  • The importance of taking time to get organised and how that leads to a high follow-through rate with healthy eating and staying on track

  • Some hot tips as a busy mum to prioritise time and organise yourself to eat healthy and follow a meal plan

  • Advice and tips for when she went camping and how she ate

  • Advice and tips for when she went to England and France for 3 weeks and still managed to come back LOSING 1 kg whilst enjoying every single meal and every day with no feelings of missing out!!



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Body Bites With Bec
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