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Body Bites With Bec

#130 How to STOP giving up on your dieting attempts and release the guilt when you 'slip up'

Body Bites With Bec
Body Bites With Bec

So, you have a ‘slip up’ and think you’ve failed. This may cause you to fall off track and back into your old habits (or possibly start your ‘diet’ again next week…)

I hear this allll the time from women, daily, and it makes me upset - because its SO not true.

When women wake up in the morning to start their days, after what they’ve considered a ‘slip up’, too many women are looking at them wrong and unfortunately feel shame, guilt, failure and feelings of ‘giving up’ (I was there in the past, so I get it!).

But, slip ups are actually an important part of your weight loss journey, and I actually celebrate them for women in my programs!

If you relate, I have 3 reasons to share with you today as to WHY slip ups are actually GOOD and normal on your weight loss journey and what you should do the next time you have one and feel any feelings of guilt or failure so that you can keep kicking on and reaching your goals - rather than staying in that start again/stop again cycle!


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Body Bites With Bec
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