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Body Bites With Bec

#139: 5 of the most effective weight loss tips (that are often forgotten about)

Body Bites With Bec
Body Bites With Bec

With all the noise out there surrounding weight loss and health, it can be easy to forget the MAIN principles and the most effective ways to lose weight that actually work and are proven by science time and time again. People are becoming stuck on things like:

  • How many times a week for red meat?
  • What plant milk is best?
  • Should I go vegan?
  • What time of the day should I eat?

Whilst it's good to be health concious, sometimes these nitty gritty little things don't REALLY matter. What matters most is the proven, overarching facts that often people forget when they are narrowed in on such tiny aspects of dieting and forgetting about the bigger picture. SO, I'm here to remind you of some of the things that ACTUALLY work, because people seem to forget!


As promised in the episode, I have far more podcasts that delve into each tip below:

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