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Why mass migration is inevitable, with Parag Khanna


Climate change and economic inequality are pushing people of the Global South to move north. Countries in the North are depopulating, losing their workforce and their tax base. It shouldn't be that hard to put two and two together and create migration policies that benefit all of humanity. So why won't we?

📚 "Move: The Forces Uprooting Us." Parag Khanna. 2021. Scribner. Buy it here.

Show notes
00:00 Intro
02:41 We are a migratory species
04:57 Domestic migrants are migrants too
07:55 Lockdown was actually a massive migration
09:35 Reverse migration is also migration
11:08 Britain's immigration policy has killed people
17:21 A tragic lack of imagination
19:22 Three doom scenarios, one hopeful scenario
22:35 Not moving is not really an option for billions
26:13 There will never be a global migration policy
28:59 Could allegiance to the city replace the nation state?
31:17 London vs. Britain
34:04 Doing away with the outdated passport
37:38 We'll do everything wrong before we do it right
41:31 Failed nativist policies

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