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Join us for Season 2 of Brains Trust, as journalist and producer and tricky question asker Chris Walker has thought-provoking and funny conversations with notable Australians…all in the same episode!

** Trigger Warning: This episode contains discusions of Sexual Assult. If that raises issues for you, maybe skip this one, or if you would like someone to talk to you can always call Lifeline on 13 11 14. **

Episode 4: Fairness

In today’s episode:


Samantha Armytage wants women in media to embrace their feminine characteristics.

Abbie Chatfield reveals she has been sexually assaulted, multiple times.

How Charlie Pickering is teaching his 6-year-old about consent.

Jamila Rizvi talks about her first-hand experience with sexual harassment in Parliament House.

Tony Armstrong reflects on this year’s big story of racism in sport.

Tommy Little hates confrontation…but explains why he steps in when he has to.   

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Episode 4

Season 2