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Join us for Season 2 of Brains Trust, as journalist and producer and tricky question asker Chris Walker has thought-provoking and funny conversations with notable Australians…all in the same episode!

* Warning - This Episode contains Explicit Language and Sexual Themes *


Episode 5: Fame

In today’s episode:


Sam Armytage talks about BECOMING the story.

Abbie Chatfield talks *@*#, @#*! and @#@* (we can’t print it!)

Charlie Pickering finds fame the least gratifying part of his job.

Tommy Little concedes that fame has its benefits when it comes to cute girls!

Tony Armstrong gets some wild, wild stuff sent to his DMs.

Jamila Rizvi is thankful she grew up before ‘nudes’ were a thing.

Rob Reid is surprised the trolls and haters haven’t come for him….yet!

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Episode 5

Season 2