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Today, we are featuring “The Voice of Christmas,” Mr. Johnny Mathis. Over the years, Mr. Mathis has released six Christmas albums. His iconic first holiday record, Merry Christmas, is a tribute to his mother and father and still stands as one of the most beloved collections of Christmas music ever. Now 87 years-old, Johnny is celebrating his 66th year as a recording artist. And he’s still performing. In fact, we only had a brief 30 minutes to speak with him because he needs to save his voice for his rigorous performing schedule.

On today's episode, Justin Richmond talks to Johnny about his illustrious career, and performing with greats like Duke Ellington and Nat King Cole. And Johnny shares the story about how he turned down the opportunity to qualify for the 1956 Olympics to launch his music career.

You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Johnny Mathis songs HERE.

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