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Building the Open Metaverse

Making Accessible AI Motion Capture Animation W/ Tino Millar

Building the Open Metaverse
Building the Open Metaverse

This episode features Tino Millar, CEO of Move AI, a company aiming to make 3D animation more accessible. Millar outlines his background, including PhD research in material science and sports injuries, which sparked his interest in digitizing human motion.

He explains Move AI’s markerless mocap technology, which uses AI and computer vision to turn 2D video into 3D character animation. This contrasts with expensive legacy mocap that requires special studios and suits. Millar says their precision approaches optical mocap using only consumer cameras.

Applications span gaming, film, architecture and more. Miller argues 3D animation is a major 10B+ industry, but creation is complex and requires specialized skills. Move AI looks to greatly expand the market by making these tools easy for everyone.

Millar discusses Move AI's trajectory, including their new app Move One for high-quality capture from a single camera. As CEO, he focuses on solving problems and product quality. Move AI has a driven, talented team united by their mission. Millar also reflects on lessons from past startups.


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Building the Open Metaverse
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