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Building the Open Metaverse

Web Standards for the Win W/ Ken Russell & Corentin Wallez

Building the Open Metaverse
Building the Open Metaverse

In this episode of the Building the Open Metaverse podcast, Ken Russell and Corentin Wallez from the Google Chrome graphics team discuss using web browsers and technologies like WebGPU, WebGL, and WebAssembly to build an open and accessible metaverse.

They explain how new browser capabilities like WebGPU's compute shaders and multi-threading support can enable complex 3D experiences on par with console and mobile games. Russell and Wallez examine performance considerations like streaming assets and reducing security overhead. An open question is supporting multi-user experiences across origins while maintaining security.

The guests are optimistic that an open metaverse can be built using web principles like transparency and permissionless innovation. They see opportunities for blending languages like Rust, C++, JavaScript, and TypeScript. A key benefit of web tech is portability across devices. Russell and Wallez encourage industry collaboration on ethical guidelines and standards.


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Building the Open Metaverse is a podcast hosted by Patrick Cozzi (Cesium) and Marc Petit (Epic Games) that invites a broad range of technical experts to share their insights on how the community is building the metaverse together.

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Building the Open Metaverse
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