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How Portugal is cycling to success

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Business Daily
The global bicycle market is set to grow by 5% every year over the next decade. Demand has been rising, particularly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic as people look for an alternative to crowded public transport. Concern for climate change and rising fuel prices have also helped to push people onto bikes.

Portugal is the biggest bicycle manufacturer in Europe. According to Eurostat, it produced 2.9 million bicycles in 2021, with exports generating around 594 million euros - almost 610 million US dollars - and sales are up 49% this year.

The Secretary General of the industry group Abimota, Gil Nadais, explains how Portugal has benefitted from EU import tariffs.

Pedro Araújo, the CEO of Polisport Group tells us how the industry is working together to cope with rising energy prices and to overcome supply chain problems and staff shortages.

Portugal's Secretary of State for Urban Transport, Jorge Delgado explains how the government is trying to encourage more people to cycle in Portugal, where there’s been a historical reluctance, by investing more in infrastructure and giving free bikes to school children.

Presenter/producer: Lisa Louis

(Photo: Ironman 70.3 Portugal Cascais. Credit; Getty Images)
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