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Cardboard of the Rings

Episode 185: Number 2


Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris

Thank you to: Peter S, Carl S, Jon S, and Brandon B

Announcements, News and Twitter

SLEX Swag Shipped 9/14!

Ashley Taylor's medium post https://medium.com/@ashrtaylor13/speaking-up-to-protect-others-73f152bcb772

Brad has some sportball contests going on

Random Review Redo

ALEP: Fire on the Eastement announcement

Top 4 and Bottom 3 of the Lord of the Rings Saga boxes

The gang will play 'Scouring of the Shire' Friday, 9/17 in the evening.

You can watch Jon read another magazine on our YouTube Channel.

The Single Core progression series continues with The Agmar Awakens cycle.