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177. Laura Phillips: From Single Mom to Launch Queen and Building a Life on Purpose


What are the key components of a successful launch? In this episode we will be learning from the Launch Queen herself, Laura Phillips, founder of Love to Launch and responsible for multiple 7-figure launches for some of the industry's top leaders.

As a 20-year-old single mom of two, Laura Phillips set out to build the most amazing life she could possibly have for her family. She had a thriving career as a designer, both working for an agency and on her own, but found herself trapped in a cycle of frustration and burnout. In the years that followed, she discovered her love of coaching. Now, as a Launch Strategist and founder of Love to Launch, she helps entrepreneurs sell their offers online using the power of launches.

Suneera invites Laura come together for a vulnerable fireside chat to discuss the seasons of success and frustration that led her to build a career she truly loves, what a launch really is, and the power of authenticity in growing relationships and businesses.

Connect with Laura:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/lauraphillipshq

Website: https://www.lovetolaunch.com

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