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by Campside Media
Chameleon: High Rollers

Introducing: The Vaping Fix


Wondery’s new Podcast Mini Series, The Vaping Fix is a story of Silicon Valley idealism, reckless capitalism, and how the now infamous e-cigarette company, Juul, managed to  hook an entire generation of children on vaping.  In 2016 the founders of Juul set out to disrupt the tobacco industry and use their less harmful e-cigarette to wean smokers off of traditional cigarettes. And within months of launching their flashy marketing,  fruit flavored options and influencer endorsements they did disrupt big tobacco… but they also caused teen smoking rates to skyrocket to levels not seen in decades. With plooms of vape clouds surrounding schools across the nation, parents and politicians couldn’t  help but wonder if this was Juul’s plan all along, or did their ambition just blind them from seeing the potential human cost of their invention?

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Episode 12

Season 1

by Campside Media