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Changes with Annie Macmanus

Davina McCall


Series finale time, and we're not just talking "a" change, we're talking THE change – with a bona fide national treasure, no less. Davina McCall is part of the fabric and texture of day to day life in the UK. As a TV presenter she has been a warm, generous, and deeply empathetic fixture on our televisions since the dawn of Big Brother at the beginning of the millennium. The path she'd taken to that point was pretty bumpy, and you'll hear her talk a little bit about that in this conversation, but the main reason that we've invited Davina onto Changes is to talk about the menopause. Like countless women, Davina was blindsided by the first signs of her own perimenopause, ten years ago, and she's spent much of the time since trying to get to the bottom of the truth about what was happening to her body. She's discovered more than she could have possibly imagine, and she's on a mission to share that information with as many people as possible, so that the big change of menopause might be less of an ambush for generations of women still to come.

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