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NAB 2012 Rewind - Casey Hupke: Advanced particle effects for motion graphics


Advanced Particle Effects for Motion Graphics - Casey Hupke of Hackeyesup presents at NAB on April 19, 2012 Thinking particles, matrix objects, Xpresso, Hair, Dynamics and other seemingly daunting tools are not as hard to employ as you might think. See how these tools make high-profile motion design easier. In this presentation, Casey demonstrates the how Mirada used CINEMA 4D's MoGraph Dynamics, Tracer and PolyFX to create a Buick spot for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Next, he explains CINEMA 4D's Thinking Particles in detail, building from basic emitters to integration with MoGraph objects. He also demonstrates the use of CINEMA 4D's Hair Render to quickly treat particles and Tracer splines. [03:00]-Buick - Behind the Beauty [17:00]-Thinking Particles Introduction [33:00]-Thinking Particles Introduction