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NAB 2012 Rewind - Dave Glanz: 2D/3D pipeline


CINEMA 4D's Powerful 2D/3D Pipeline - Dave Glanz of Dave Glanz Productions and Eyecandy presents at NAB on April 18, 2012 See how CINEMA 4D's tools and 2D/3D workflow enable motion designers to focus less on busy-work and more on creative design as David Glanz breaks-down projects for the American Film Institute, Discovery and History Channel. In this presentation, Dave demonstrates how he used Lathe NURBS, Dynamics and Random Effector deformation in a Dunkin' Donuts ad for Discovery. Next, Dave demonstrates how he used CINEMA 4D's Cloth to simulate a deflating hot air balloon in an end page for Planet Green. Dave shows how he used Dynamics, the Hinge Connector and dynamic forces to simulate a truck exhaust pipe in an end page for Discovery's World's Toughest Truckers. In a piece for History's Modern Marvels, Dave uses CINEMA 4D's Rigid-body Dynamics with Hinged Connectors and Springs to represent the mechanism of a coin operated machine. In another piece for Modern Marvels, Dave makes use of Soft-body dynamics to simulate bags of rice falling on a hinged dynamic scale. Finally Dave demonstrates how he created a piece for AFI's Silver Docs festival. [02:45]-Dunkin' Donuts for Discovery [12:18]-Planet Green [18:14]-Discovery: Connectors [23:16]-History: Springs [29:35]-History: Controlling Dynamics [34:20]-AFI: Dynamics & Keyframing Unfolding Polygons Tutorial on thepixellab.net