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Comedy with an Accent

S01E16 Sergi Polo - Catalan/Castillan Spanish speaker, From Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain🇪🇸

Comedy with an Accent
Comedy with an Accent

Bon Nadal! Feliz Navidad! Our last guest in 2022 is our third Spanish-speaking guest - also the podcast's first Catalan speaker - the self-titled "Lovely Boy From Barcelona" Sergi Polo.

Fresh from being nominated for the prestigious Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, Sergi is a regular at the popular Angel comedy in London who is known for his snappy, sharp and witty gags. Just check his Instagram page for the reels and you'll get an idea.

Your host Kuan-wen had an interesting discussion with Sergi on their differing views when it comes to mockery of accents. Sergi does not mind it; in fact, he further welcomes jokes and comedy based on stereotypes. He does reveal some of Spain's curious attitudes on racism, legacy of colonialism.

Asian listeners, buckle up; listen in to find out how "Takeshi's Castle (風雲!たけし城)" is translated in Spain.


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Episode timeline

00:41 Intro

01:06 Sergio is Spanish (Castilian); Sergi from Barcelona is Catalan

03:24 “My Spanish accent is beautiful”

07:07 Spanish words written the way they are pronounced and the “Acento”

10:46 The accent helps Sergi stand out and be different from other comedians in the UK

13:56 No problem having his accent mocked

16:00 Sergi’s relaxed view on Manuel from Fawlty Towers

17:00 Catalans like to make fun of themselves

19:45 Spanish fine with the F word or the N word between friends if they know there’s no malicious intent

21:56 Racism in Spain, the Spanish version of Takeshi’s Castle

24:12 Franco in Spain; Taiwanese attitude towards a past dictator

27:02 Do younger Spaniards have much less strong accents in English?

29:18 Sergi in fact having a Catalan accent in English

30:02 How the Catalan language is being kept alive

32:38 An example of a joke that is either offensive or based on truth

34:51 Sergi’s social media


Podcast intro music by @Taigenkawabe

Comedy with an Accent
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