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Comedy with an Accent

S01E22 Viggo Venn, Norwegian speaker - From Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴

Comedy with an Accent
Comedy with an Accent

Our mini Scandinavia tour comes back to Norway again after two recent episodes feauturing guests from Denmark and Sweden. Viggo Venn, previously half of clowning duo Zack & Viggo, is our second guest from Norway.

Viggo trained as a clown at the renowned École Philippe Gaulier, where he is now a member of the teaching staff. His clowning instinct - a desire to entertain and a persistence to embrace failures ("flops") - meant this recording has been the most chaotic and disruptive to date. But it was fun!

Viggo explains why he exaggerates the "foreign idiot" persona on stage and consequently exaggerates his accent. We also peek into Viggo's journey as a performer - how he ended up training as a clown after coming across Dr. Brown's show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Viggo was not only interviewed but performed throughout this recording. The whole episode is interwoven with two running gags, namely Viggo insisting he and your host Kuan-wen are related due to the pronunciation of their names and that Viggo is not happy another Norwegian comedian (Thor Stenhaug in episode 2) was invited first.


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Episode timeline

00:59 Intro

03:08 How Viggo wrongly pronounces his own name and Viggo starts the running gag he and Kuan-wen are brothers (and went wild)

06:48 A stronger Norwegian accent on stage in the UK to be the “foreign ldiot”

11:45 Are Norwegians more boring?

12:50 Norwegians’ perception of themselves and attitudes towards Sweden and Denmark

15:35 UK comedy audience’s particular appreciation of high brow and silly lowbrow comedy at the same time

16:40 Kuan-wen’s observation how Viggo adjusts his accent

18:50 A clown that does stand up

24:37 Viggo being disruptive (AGAIN!)

26:09 How Viggo decided to train as a clown

28:55 Purist believers of stand up comedy

32:46 Zack & Viggo

33:58 Viggo being disruptive (AGAIN!)

39:26 Viggo’s social media


Podcast intro music by @Taigenkawabe

Comedy with an Accent
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