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Comedy with an Accent

S01E27 Jomi Cruz, Portuguese speaker - From Cascais, Portugal 🇵🇹

Comedy with an Accent
Comedy with an Accent

Our very first Portuguese guest is comedian Jomi Cruz who radiates tons of youthful energy and resembles a junior Eurovision contestant. Jomi shares how he acquired a quasi American accent that is not good enough to fool Americans but just enough to trick some Brits.

Jomi chats about the few stereotypes associated with Portugal for British audience but the one bad joke about Madeline McCann* that is sure to put punters off but 1 out of every 5 new open mic comics tempts to do.

Sounding not typically Portuguese but more certainly camp, the fashion-forward and even androgynous-dressing Jomi explains how he learned to embrace his accent, his campiness through therapy. The episode was recorded back in January but the overlap of its release date with the renewed reservoir search for Maddie REALLY IS CONINCIDENTAL.


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00:50 Intro

02:22 Madonna’s time in Lisbon

03:03 Where is the name “Jomi” from

03:57 What does Portuguese sound like?

04:27 Jomi’s fake-ish American accent

09:22 Not an obvious Portuguese accent vs hack immigrant comedy

12:08 Junior Eurovision vibe

13:08 Starting his comedy set stating he is Portuguese

14:42 Hating the way he spoke pre-therapy

16:28 Embracing his campness

22:00 Therapy and change of attitude towards his way of speaking

23:26 Rejected by toxic masculine male punters due to his dampness?

26:08 Jokes about Madeleine McCann

30:28 Portuguese typically good at foreign languages?

32:52 Being nice and The changing Portuguese mentality

34:55 Jomi’s social media


Podcast intro music by @Taigenkawabe

Comedy with an Accent
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