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Comedy with an Accent

S01E28 Joshua Bethania, Kannada/ Tamil/ Hindi/ English speaker - from Bengaluru, India 🇮🇳

Comedy with an Accent
Comedy with an Accent

Having only started performing comedy in the UK in 2021, Joshua was crowned winner of So You Think You Are Funny in 2022 and bagged another win at London Comedy Store gong show. He was finalist at BBC New Comedy Award 2022 and nominated as Best Newcomer by Chortle.

The Southern India's native came to the UK for a corporate job and he only took up a comedy course to get better at communication doing his corporate job, These achievements and credits were unintended.

Equally unintended is his understated, still and measured stage delivery. Joshua claims he is just trying to remember his lines!

This episode inevitably covers a few big topics as our chilled and composed guest is incredibly intelligent and eloquent. Joshua explains the opening line about his accent he dislikes and how he has had to go the extra mile to convince others that some Indian boys really are called Joshua.


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00:38 Intro

02:43 Why is Joshua named Joshua? Anglo Indians or Indians who converted to Christianity?

07:49 Joking about his Indian accent he didn’t think he has;========= a school that focuses on English education

11:02 To “perfect” one’s accent?

12:09 The “Bank support accent” joke

15:00 “Sorry my name is not brown enough for you”

18:47 Joshua’s languages

20:14 Languages in South India

20:52 North v South in India

21:59 Colourism; racism without the race

24:44 Joshua on colonialism

30:11 A subdued, still style of comedy delivery (that is unintended)

34:25 Not staging a fake Indian accent

35:56 Joshua’s upcoming shows and social media


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Comedy with an Accent
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