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Ibn Abdul Wahhab's Militant Mission (Part 1)

While many trace the roots of Saudi Arabia to Muhammad Ibn Saud, its ideological roots can be traced to his contemporary - the radical, militant and hugely controversial, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. This was a man who provided the doctrinal backbone to the burgeoning state, and created the ideology which bears his name: Wahhabism.

While many now see it as a derogatory term, Wahhabism has been hugely influential in salafi jihadist circles. Wahhabi texts are frequently quoted by jihadi scholars and leaders, who see themselves as heirs to the Wahhabi tradition.

Continuing our search for the ideological forebears of modern jihadism, this is the first of two episodes about the fascinating life of Ibn Abdul Wahhab. We’ll see him emerge from the Najd mountains of Saudi Arabia, develop his doctrine, face great opposition, and finally find a patron to help spread his radical message.

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