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President Erdogan: The Rise to Power

Over the past couple of episodes we explained the inner workings of the Muslim Brotherhood - that mysterious organisation based in Cairo who have their sights set on a new Caliphate for the Muslim world. But who are their allies across the region? Is there a figure who is simultaneously working to further their aims? Well, many people point to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey, as just that figure.

In this first of our two episode exploration of Erdoğan life we focus on his rise to power - one filled with genius politics and classic Islamist moves to cement his hold on the country. We’ll follow him from a poor boy growing up in Istanbul, to eventually becoming the city’s mayor, and after that, the country’s leader. But how did this enigma of a man gain such control over the geostrategically vital country of Turkey? And could he be a kind of Muslim Brotherhood sleeper agent in disguise?

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