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The Muslim Brotherhood: Who Are They?

After finishing our extensive exploration into some of the most colourful and fascinating characters in Islamic History - figures who influenced modern Salafi jihadism as we know it today - Conflicted aims its sights on a modern group with an equally significant position in the Muslim world. This is a group whose nebulous, clandestine structure makes them tricky to unravel. A group based in Egypt but with tentacles across the Middle East and beyond. A group who once boasted our previous subject, Sayyid Qutb, as a member. The Muslim Brotherhood.
But who are they really? How are they structured? And are they the radical Islamists that many claim, or in fact a moderate group with relatively modest aims? In this first of two episodes on the Muslim Brotherhood, we try to unlock their structure, discovering how they function in countries across the Muslim world, to answer these questions and more.
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