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Plenary- Feedback from Breakaway Sessions. High Policy Dialogue on _Tranforming Agriculture in Afric


1. Transformation of Africa’s agriculture begins with us - All relevant stakeholder groups need to change:  · Donor agencies and development partners need to change their investment priorities and strategies. · Governments should institutionalize an efficient and effective policy implementation culture, characterized by review of existing policies to ensure that they are pro-smallholder farmers, women, children and youth.  · Participatory research processes should be adopted to ensure that the voice of the smallholder farmers, women and youth is heard, to facilitate for the co-creation of solutions. · Private sector should collaborate with civil society and government to develop innovative financing mechanisms to support the agriculture value chains.  · Farmers should accelerate adoption of new climate-smart technologies and practices which are gender and nutrition-sensitive. · Youth should proactively claim their space and drive innovation for agriculture transformation. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/connectingminds/support