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Core IM | Internal Medicine Podcast

#111 Discharges with Incidental Findings: Gray Matters Segment

How do you decide which lung nodules should be worked up inpatient or outpatient? How common are incidental lung nodules? What considerations are there for patients that could potentially get lost to follow up? What risk adopted approach can be implement in our practice? Do you know what fast forward rounds are?

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Show notes, Transcript and References: https://www.coreimpodcast.com/2022/09/21/discharge-with-i…atters-segment-2/

Time stamps

  • 01:30 Deep Dive #1
  • 17:27 Deep Dive #2

Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, outpatient, inpatient, PCP, management, communication, discharge summary, incidentaloma

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Core IM | Internal Medicine Podcast
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