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Core IM | Internal Medicine Podcast

#119 A 80F with Melena and AKI also with an Unresolved Pneumonia: Hoofbeats Episode

How does your problem representation change as we get more history in this episode? How can we use Oxaam's razor & Hickman's dictum as powerful diagnostic tools IF used properly?

Show notes, Transcript and References: https://www.coreimpodcast.com/2023/02/15/25438/

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Time stamps

  • 01:51 Intro
  • 07:57 Case
  • 13:09 Differential
  • 16:15 Diagnosis
  • 22:20 Problem Representation

Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, diagnostic tools, Occam's razor, Hickam's dictum, data collection, mental model, clinical reasoning, rheumatology

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Core IM | Internal Medicine Podcast
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