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Create Tomorrow, The WGSN Podcast

83. Building a Timber Future with Waugh Thistleton

Could wood be the key to building more sustainable cities? In this episode of Create Tomorrow, architect Andrew Waugh and WGSN’s Editorial Director Bethan Ryder explore the power of engineered timber and how it might help us to build a better future for people and the planet.

Andrew Waugh is co-founder with Anthony Thistleton of British architecture practice Waugh Thistleton, which has completed a total of 30 projects built with cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the UK and France. CLT is a super-strong construction material made from layers of kiln-dried dimensional lumber, which are oriented at right angles to one another and then glued to form structural panels.

The conversation looks at how low-carbon cities could be built from CLT; the financial and wellness benefits of timber buildings and biophilia as opposed to concrete ‘cast caves’; the need for more diversity in architecture; and how AI will impact the industry. Plus, we hear the story of Waugh Thistleton’s first timber build in south London back in 2003.

Andrew and Bethan wrap up by talking about the need for more diversity within the architecture profession and a winning suggestion for the UK’s Houses of Parliament.

Create Tomorrow, The WGSN Podcast
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