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Create Tomorrow, The WGSN Podcast

96. Faux Nipples and Leak-Proof Knickers – Underwear Trends Uncovered

Join us for a rifle through the underwear drawer of fashion, as we examine this often contentious category, which historically has been very polarised. Intimates and Lingeries is often a category split between the fun - read sexy - and the functional and never the twain shall meet. But the smalls category has come on in leaps and bounds and in this episode we chart the shift towards inclusiveness, review the latest trends and look ahead to the future.

Exploring the finer details of the intimates and lingerie market is our special guest host Francesca Muston, VP of WGSN Fashion with colleagues Lorna Hall, Director of Fashion and Sofia Martellini, Senior Strategist Fashion.

We broach topics like leak-proof wear, reflect on seminal cultural underwear moments and how the pandemic redefined comfort for bras and consider the progress yet to be made on inclusivity in the male underwear category. Plus, expect to hear about how internet-breaking Kim Kardashian (Skims) and Rihanna (Savage x Fenty) have been pivotal in recent shifts in this category. So pull on your big girl pants and tune in…

Create Tomorrow, The WGSN Podcast
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