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162 — L’instant cacao : Marc Chinchole nous parle de son chocolat— mercredi 22 mars 2023

Last week, we heard Alexandre Juvin talking about la crème de champignons. Miam.

This week, it’s another experience that expects us. I had the chance to meet Marc Chinchole. He’s a young man passionate about chocolate that makes is own cocoa, in Paris. Have you heard the expression « bean-to-bar »? This is what he does : he selects beans from different places in the world and loves to reveals the best of each origin in making nice chocolates or bars. Yes, he toasts the beans himself and does conching in his own premises. This is quite unusual in Paris, but very interesting. Marc has 16 different single origin bars in his shop and nice little chocolats. You can also buy a homemade hot chocolate or chocolate mousses made of single origin cocoa, the origin changes every week. The one I tasted was from Indonesia and it was really perfumed.

In the notes that come with the transcript, I will highlight for you 3 expressions that are typical when you speak French. You will also find some sentences to help you choose the best chocolate from L’instant cacao. But, this will work in any other boutique, of course. So to cultivate your French, you could subscribe to the transcript at www.cultivateyoufrench.com.

The subscription costs 4 euros a month.

Cultivate your French - Slow French
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