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197 — Bordeaux, le Grand Théâtre et les cannelés — mercredi 1er février 2024

Last week, Micaela had a week's holiday after her exams. She asked me if we could go away somewhere. I suggested we visit my friend Sylvie who lives in Bordeaux. Neither of us knew the city. The city changed a lot in the 90s thanks to its mayor at the time, Alain Juppé. Under his mandate, the city acquired four tram lines, many areas were made pedestrian-friendly, the city was literally cleaned up (the city was known for its pollution-black walls), and the water mirror became the city's emblem.

In today's episode, I tell you about part of our guided tour with Bruno Beurrier, the guide from the Tourist Office with whom we took our tour. What a character! You'll also hear me buying cannelés. Cannelés are small cakes typical of Bordeaux.

In the notes accompanying the transcript, you'll find all the photos from our trip. We'll also take a look at a complex sentence to understand how it was composed.

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Cultivate your French - Slow French
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