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Cultivate your French - Slow French

CYF 155 — L’étrange balade à Paris au cours de laquelle j’ai rencontré Émile Zola ! — mercredi 18 janvier 2023

The weather is very bad these days in Paris, but it doesn’t stop me when I have the possibility to have a walk in Paris. Justement, I had an order to collect rue du Four. This led me to a strange encounter.

In the notes that come with the transcript, I will highlight for your those expressions or words that are typical in French and that you could use in your own conversation. We will also focus on the vocabulary that I use in this text to talk about my itinerary . And I will select a particular sentence that you could repeat again and again to improve your pronunciation and your spoken French.

So to cultivate your French, you could subscribe to the transcript and receive it by email. The subscription costs 4 euros a month. Rendez-vous at www.cultivateyourfrench.com

Cultivate your French - Slow French
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