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CYF 181 — Une journée à Londres, Islington — mercredi 20 septembre 2023

Do you know that London is only two hours from Paris by train? My friend Sylvie and I went to London for a day, two weeks ago. The temperatures were very high that day. But it was nice to enjoy London under the sun. We had planned our day : a lunch at Pophams, a bakery that is also a restaurant (I was very curious about it), then a visit to the Bank of England museum’s and then, the inevitable Foyles.

But we were a little bit early for lunch, so we decided to enter the little church of Saint James that was very close to the bakery. And we had an adventure there as would say Eleanor Lavish in A room with a view.

This is what this episode is about.

In the transcript, I will highlight for you 3 expressions that are vey natural in French. Those expressions might not seem noticeable, but there are part of the way we speak French. It’s those expressions that make a sentence sounds French.

The transcript is also a very useful tool to work on French, with the text you can do so many things : you can read what I say, obviously, you can see how the sentences are built, how the verbs are conjugated and you can also use it to repeat the text on your own.

So, to cultivate your French, you could subscribe to the transcript at www.cultivateyoufrench.com

The subscription costs 4 euros a month. The transcript is sent by email each time an episode is released and each new subscriber receives the transcript of the 10 latest episodes.

Cultivate your French - Slow French
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