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Cut the Camera with the Sturniolo Triplets

Cut the Camera with the Sturniolo Triplets

Cut the Camera with the Sturniolo Triplets

About Cut the Camera with the Sturniolo Triplets

Having lived in Boston their whole life and now balancing living in two places at once, Nick, Matt, and Chris aren't your everyday siblings. Better known as the Sturniolo Triplets, these social media power houses spend most of their lives in front of the camera, making content for the millions of fans who have come to know and love them. But what happens when the cameras are off, and these three aren't coming up with the next piece of content? Well, on the Cut the Camera podcast, Nick, Matt, and Chris are going to give their fans the unfiltered, real-to-life experience of hanging out with them as they share who they are when no one is watching. There are stories and thoughts that don't fit into a TikTok video. There are subjects that are worth a deeper dive. Nick, Matt, and Chris are here to bring you along for the ride as they continue to shape and define who they are and what obstacles they need to overcome as they live a life in the public eye. From mental health, to ridiculous questions and theories along with special guests, this podcast is here to give you even more of what you already know and love from the Sturniolo Triplets. So, grab your beverage of choice, a bag of chips, and follow along as we Cut the Camera.

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