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Dangerous Memories | Tortoise Investigates

Dangerous Memories | Tortoise Investigates

75 episodes

Dangerous Memories | Tortoise Investigates

75 episodes

About Dangerous Memories | Tortoise Investigates

Introducing...Dangerous Memories

When Sarah watched her 23 year old daughter cycle away from her in Chelsea - a well-off corner of London - she had no idea it would be the last time they’d see each other for 6 years. What would make a loving child from a life of privilege suddenly sever ties with friends and family, and vanish? 

It turns out, Sarah wasn’t alone in losing a daughter. Something strange was happening to other young women, too.

And they all had one thing in common: a kind of therapist figure - a woman they were all seeing and sharing their problems, their secrets, their fears with. But it took years for the truth of what was happening behind closed doors to emerge, and the extraordinary things this woman led them to believe.

Dangerous Memories is the story of young women who wanted to be healed that became, for us, a story about the healer, and what we risk when we let someone else into our mind, and our memory.

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Reporter: Grace Hughes-Hallett

Producer: Gary Marshall

Additional reporting and production: Imogen Harper

Sound design and original composition: Tom Kinsella

Theme music: Far Gone (Don’t Leave) by Pictish Trail

Podcast artwork: Lola Williams

Executive producer: Ceri Thomas

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