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by Keboola

Petr Bartos (Cogvio) - Innovating Pharma And Healthcare Industry With Technology


Petr Bartos is a serial entrepreneur and significantly contributed to the Czech leading e-commerce projects in his CTO roles. Petr co-founded Slevomat.cz (2010, e-commerce daily deals market leader to this day, acquired by Secret Escapes in 2017), DameJidlo.cz (2012, acquired by Delivery Hero 2014) and subsequently 2 other e-commerce marketplaces.

Petr currently focuses on his new venture Cogvio and inovating the pharma and healthcare industry. Considering the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare as one of the most regulated environment globally, the complexity and burdens are enormously high. Nowadays, Cogvio connects people with various expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, medical doctors and medical device experts with software developers and data scientists to create unique technology-driven solutions.

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by Keboola