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by Dead Ladies Show Podcast
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Bebe Barron


This episode the introducing duties go to DLS co-founders Katy Derbyshire and Florian Duijsens as they hand off to podcast producer and host Susan Stone to present the featured Dead Lady -- Bebe Barron.

Known as the "First lady of Electronic Music," Bebe was a classically trained musician who found her joy with husband Louis in the eerie tones made by dying circuits. Their tape loops and new technology helped set the stage for the bleeps and bloops we all love today, and they created the first ever all-electronic film score for sci-fi flick Forbidden Planet. Plus, Bebe was a part of the Avant-Garde set, hanging out in New York and California with Anais Nin, Maya Deren, and Henry Miller.

The DLS crew also talk about what it's like to meet a living legend, and dish on a new documentary about women electronic music pioneers.

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Episode 43

Season 4

by Dead Ladies Show Podcast