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Emily Hahn


This episode we meet the intrepid Emily Hahn, an American writer and passionate traveller who wrote 54 books while reporting for the New Yorker.

As a young woman, she was the first woman to graduate in mining engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then donned men's clothes to travel across the US with friends. Wanderlust took her to the Belgian Congo, where she worked for the Red Cross, then on to Shanghai, and later Hong Kong where she reported, flirted, and partied for a decade. She returned to the US from occupied China in 1943 with a 2-year-old in tow along with a newly divorced British intelligence officer.

Hahn, known as Mickey to her friends, was legendary for her beauty and wit, and also for her pet monkeys.

To learn more about Emily Hahn and her adventures visit our episode page here: https://deadladiesshow.com/2021/04/08/podcast-42-emily-hahn/

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Episode 42

Season 4

by Dead Ladies Show Podcast