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Gráinne Mhaol (Grace O’Malley)


Episode 39 introduces Gráinne Mhaol, also known as Grace O’Malley, the legendary Irish pirate queen.

Translator Laura Radosh presents the rollicking tale of this tremendous woman, who has been lauded as “a most famous femynyne sea captain,” and “the dark lady of Doona.” Gráinne Mhaol was head of the O’Malley dynasty in 16th-century Ireland, owning up to 1000 cattle and horses, leading men on land and sea, and allegedly wreaking cruel vengeance for the murder of a lover. When her sons and half-brother were captured by the English, is said to have met with Queen Elizabeth I and negotiated their release in Latin.

DLS co-founder Katy Derbyshire joins host/producer Susan Stone to hear about the pirate booty gained by this historic beauty.

Katy also tells us about the new DLS Bookshop stores where listeners can find all the Dead Lady books they’ve always wanted, while contributing to independent bookstores and a little bit to our show, too.

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To learn more about Gráinne Mhaol, visit our episode page here: https://deadladiesshow.com/podcast/

Our theme music is “Little Lily Swing” by Tri-Tachyon.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back with a new episode next month.


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Episode 39

Season 4

by Dead Ladies Show Podcast