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LaVern Baker


The Dead Ladies Show is a series of entertaining and inspiring talks about women who achieved amazing things against all odds, presented live in Berlin. This podcast is based on that series. Because women's history is everyone's history. In this episode, DLS co-founder Katy Derbyshire — who is a translator, publisher, and avid blues dancer — brings us the story of R&B, blues, and rock legend LaVern Baker, a performer with strong charisma, an unforgettable voice, and a rather naughty sense of humor. She got her first singing job at the age of ten, cut her first record at 12 or 14, and lived her whole life in music. When LaVern's songs were copied note-for-note by white singer Georgia Gibbs, Baker responded by writing Gibbs into her flight insurance policy, as both careers would have been ended in the event of a plane crash. LaVern Baker was the second woman ever to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (after Aretha Franklin). See pictures of LAVERN and hear some of her wonderful songs at: https://deadladiesshow.com/2019/09/19/podcast-25-lavern-baker/ And check out Katy's LaVern Baker Dead Lady Deluxe playlist on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70PcWxYdmDbhbhIiQloFZQ?si=rZ36Lb_JS_aGyL3UUt2YTA&fbclid=IwAR3qmXs6st0ts8lnUPlOWFutikIf99x_d4w5hD1FVIAE3BTeZPDtlseva1o Follow us on social media @deadladiesshow and please share, rate, and review the show as it helps others to find our feminist women's history podcast! The Dead Ladies Show was founded by Florian Duijsens and Katy Derbyshire. The podcast is created, produced, edited, and presented by Susan Stone. We now have a Patreon! Please consider supporting our transcripts project and our ongoing work: www.patreon.com/deadladiesshowpodcast If you prefer to make a one-time donation, here’s the link: paypal.me/dlspodcast


Episode 25

Season 3

by Dead Ladies Show Podcast