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Death by Dying

Obituary 01: Wyatt Died

Death by Dying
Death by Dying
Wyatt Hudson, 47, was murdered peacefully late Sunday evening beneath a starry sky.
**Content Warning: This episode contains depictions of gun violence
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Writer and Director - Evan Gulock

Producer - Niko Gerentes

Creative Producer - Joshua Giordan

Music - Nicolas Gasparini, Kevin Macleod, Marc Alexandre, Steven O’Brien, Naoya Sakamata, and Niko Gerentes.

Obituary Writer - Evan Gulock

Gert/Old Hag - Tucker Ramseur

Bernard - Eva Eig

Pastor Jeff - Joshua Giordan

The Wild Man/Apricot Winner/Mrs. Shambles' Dog/Chester the Goat - Niko Gerentes

Credits and Transcript: https://deathbydyingpod.com/obituary-01
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Death by Dying
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