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Isolated BS: VR breakthroughs, space clouds, and earthworm jerky



Clouds in space…? Microsoft Azure Space and Azure Orbital. Making space cheaper and more accessible with satcomm as a service.


The new Oculus Quest. Past predictions. Pulling the VR market in the direction of affordability? Pandemic winter VR. Hating Facebook while embracing their VR product. Getting better at not getting sick. Experiences of unreality.


Virtual chewing noises. Missing irl conference-going. It’s like a vacation for adult nerds!


Food preservation. Preserved dairy variations by latitude. Jerky! Appreciating controlled rot. Earthworm jerky. Roasted grasshoppers!

  1. About Chapulines: Wikipedia
  2. Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication by CGP Grey: YouTube
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Episode 257

by Decipher Media