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Deja Blu podcast

The Influencer Paradox & Cultivating Your Own Inner Riches - with Rev. Briana Lynn | Deja Blu EP 78

Deja Blu podcast
Deja Blu podcast

Rev. Briana Lynn is back on Deja Blu Podcast today to discuss how set up healthy boundaries with others in order to honor your aliveness and be in integrity with yourself. She shares that in our digital world, where it is easy to access people that we look up to, it is important to never put others on a pedestal- and turn inwards to our own inner guidance. Because in the end, we are not looking for followers- we are looking for leaders to rise with us, and make the world a more beautiful place.



0:00 Intro

2:50 Highs & Lows

7:30 Honor Your Aliveness

23:40 Addressing Sacred Time

29:32 Pedestals & Social Media

43:00 The Influencer Paradox

53:16 Integration Before Sharing

1:06:35 Conclusion



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Deja Blu podcast
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