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Deja Blu podcast

What Happens After Death? Explained From MEMORY - with Matías De Stefano | Deja Blu EP 84

Deja Blu podcast
Deja Blu podcast

Matías De Stefano is a man who claims to remember all his past lives, and thus every time he has died. Blu speaks to him today about the nature of death, and what comes after. He describes the best ways to deal with grief, and if we should try to communicate with loved ones who have passed. He shares his perspective on Heaven, Hell, and Reincarnation, and what determines what comes next.

Him and Blu also discuss ego deaths, and dying is an essential part of life. He explains how he navigates the 3D world while having access to so much information, and shares a message to humanity.



0:00 Intro

5:20 What is death

11:50 Dealing with grief

17:26 What Determines Heaven or Hell?

25:10 Reincarnation & Past Lives

37:30 Death of Identity

48:50 Communicating with the dead

58:20 Matias’ University

1:01:42 Blue Beings

1:11:12 Being a human & Navigating the 3D

1:17:21 Importance of play

1:23:28 Message to Humanity

1:24:51 Conclusion


Matías De Stefano:

At the age of 21, Matías De Stefano began to transmit his particular vision of understanding reality, helping thousands of people to have a different perspective of our environment and ourselves. His philosophical worldview can be translated as: “Heaven on Earth.” It is a concept explaining how we are creators of our own reality, as well as giving us the tools to be able to transcend it. He is currently developing new materials to help us understand the world and our role in it.

Website: https://www.matiasdestefano.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matiasgustavodestefano/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ghancaA








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Deja Blu podcast
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