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Brakes with Functional Safety certification: Update from Nexen Group engineer Dave Hein


According to Pierrick Balaire, global business line leader at Intertek: “The Intertek Functional Safety mark provides Nexen a way to reduce hazards and risks to operating personnel, machinery, and surrounding environments at a time when they are facing increased demands around functional safety. We’re pleased to grant Nexen with this certification — the first of its kind in North America — and look forward to continuing to work with them and others providing the industry with high-quality products as well as peace of mind.” In this Technology Tuesdays podcast, Dave Hein — senior vice president and engineering and chief technology officer at Nexen Group — chats with Lisa Eitel of Design World about three brake options that now have Functional Safety certification. Visit motioncontroltips.com and search on Hein to see this podcast’s show notes.



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