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PTI’s Jonathan Cottrell talks design for manufacturing and injection molding


In this Technology Tuesdays podcast, Jonathan Cottrell, lead program manager with PTI, chats with Design World’s Michelle Froese about design for manufacturing and the injection-molding process. Cottrell discusses the key factors to take into account when designing plastic parts, including the material, gate, wall, tool, and draft considerations. Listen in for: • Key considerations for the injection-molding process, including material selection • How to achieve uniform wall thickness and the significance of applying proper draft • The importance of gating, part geometry, and tool design • Variables to account for when ejecting a part from the mold • Tips for improving aesthetics without compromising a part’s reliability Jonathan Cottrell BSME, MBA, has been working in the field of plastic injection molding since graduating from high school. With nearly 25 years of experience, he’s developed products in several industries including automotive, aerospace, military, agriculture, medical devices, and others. Cottrell’s had the opportunity in his career to follow products throughout their lifecycle — from concept to completion — which has led to valuable experience when implementing design for manufacturing practices to produce quality parts. PTI is a custom injection molder and manufacturer of plastic components and assemblies, specializing in low-volume production. The company has extensive capabilities in design, engineering, and tooling, with an array of secondary services.



by Design World