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Destination Linux

Destination Linux Episode 4 - This Mate Is Brisk!

Destination Linux
Destination Linux
Destination Linux Episode 4 for 1-7-16

"Hello Linux Fans, Welcome to episode 4 of "Destination Linux"

We are switching podcast upload providers from Soundcloud to Podomatic which means you will have to resubscribe to the RSS feed to continue to receive the podcast.

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We are also streamlining our YouTube videos as well so starting next week for episode 5, we will posting the Destination Linux Podcast on the Destination Linux YouTube Channel only. It will NOT show up in the Linux Quest or Big Daddy Channels.
So please go and subscribe to the podcast at the Destination Linux YouTube channel



Security News: http://www.welivesecurity.com/2017/01/05/killdisk-now-targeting-linux-demands-250k-ransom-cant-decrypt/

There's a Linux-powered car in your future



Kaos 2017.01
Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta
BlankOn 10.0
Netrunner 17.01
Solus 2017.01.01.0
Porteus 3.2.2
Point release for OBrevenge


Distro Discussion

First Release of the Brisk Menu


YouTube Corner

From RK:
I have successfully installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS on my Mac Mini as a dual boot system. I also got rEfind installed manually on my Mac. The thing is that rEfind can't seam to boot Ubuntu. I did figure out how to boot into it from a recovery boot in Advanced Systems. I have it all setup, and it is working well, except for that. Do you have any sage advice that could help me solve that boot up problem?

RK Fixed:
I can't believe it, but I solved the problem myself. I was searching the Internet, and I saw the word "nomodeset". I used that command to launch the live disk. I thought,,, "Of course". I found a web page that told me how to edit my grub file to make it permanent, and ... It worked!!! Hooray!

Daniel Gomes
Guys I think I might have already commented on a previous episode but I'm just loving this show so much that I wanted to say again how awesome it is! I listen to if on my drive to work and it's become........

Viewer Tip:
I get that you use Antergos a lot from your videos. Antergos installer (cnchi) has a hidden mode also which lets you chose some other unlisted desktop environment which is not generally available. Its for developer, but heck most of the rolling releases are, that never stopped us from trying them right. To use it quit the installer, open terminal and type "sudo cnchi -dvz" . Contact me if you enjoy it.

Viewer Question LAZ X
I was wondering if there is a way to normalize the master audio output in Linux. I love Linux but don't like playing movies or music because the audio out is not normalized and I have manually adjust the volume levels constantly. In Windows I use K Lite codec pack which has a plugin option to normalize the main audio out, but I can't seem to find a way to do this in Linux. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We apologize for the switch and any inconvenience it might cause but it will benefit everybody in the long run.

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