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Holiday Re-Run: Deux U Pilot w/ Enty

Deux U
Deux U
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, Deux U listeners. The podcast will be back with new content on January 5th. Until then, please take some time to reminisce and listen to this re-run of the amazing Deux U pilot with the iconic celeb gossip curator, Enty (of Crazy Days and Nights Website). If you haven’t heard this pilot episode, happy listening, if you have, I hope you enjoy hearing it for the second time.
P.S: Our team removed as much of the voice distortion as possible. A little more Deux and a little less James Charles.
Hot topics from the time of the Pilot drop: circa January 2022:

Kim and Pete and whether their relationship is real

Chris Evans' dating life

Drake's alleged hot sauce condom debacle

Jason Momoa's divorce

The latest on Sebastian Stan's relationship status

Listen for never-before-heard or read information!
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