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Ep11. The Psychology of Chaos

Diplomacy is a game, and geopolitics is a psychological sport. Though we may root for the ‘democratic good guys’, it is often the disordering ‘autocratic bad guys’ that achieve their aims through effective use of psychological tactics like bluffing and intimidation. 
In this episode, we meet Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s former Chief of Staff, who helped negotiate landmark treaties like the Good Friday Agreement. He tells us how our leaders could use various skills to get to mutually beneficial agreements. We’ll also meet Kenneth Dekleva, a former US diplomat and a Professor of Psychiatry, who will present certain ways we can psychologically outfox disorderers like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. 
Twitter: @DisorderShow 
Website: https://natoandtheglobalenduringdisorder.com/nato-and-adversaries  
Producer: George McDonagh 
Exec Producer: Neil Fearn 
Show Notes Links 
Jonathan Powell’s Majestic work on the Negotiations in Northern Ireland is here
Get Kenneth Dekleva’s latest books. The Last Violinist here 
Read a recent article by Kenneth here 
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