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Ep2. Who Referees Cyberspace?

Although the birth of the internet was an interplay between American defense contractors and American tech firms, the US government actively chose to not regulate the commercial aspects of what it had birthed.  
From disinformation to cyber warfare, how can we better control the internet and stop it from reinforcing the Global Enduring Disorder? In this episode, former FBI Agent Asha Rangappa helps us understand what makes these new technologies so disruptive and how the West’s adversaries understand the politics of cyberspace. War Correspondent David Patrikarakos tells us about the physical impact of these new technologies on ongoing conflicts. Both conclude that our leaders have been naïve about the fact that for more than a decade we have been facing an existential multi-front cyber-war.  
Twitter: @DisorderShow 
Website: https://natoandtheglobalenduringdisorder.com/unregulated-cyberspace 
Producer: George McDonagh 
Exec Producer: Neil Fearn 
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Get David Patrikarakos’ book, War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century here
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